Store team

  • Martial


    You’ll see our general manager everywhere… in the workshop, in the store or on the bike. He loves all kinds of bikes, especially with a race number on his back.

  • Manue


    She’s a real expert and the team’s go-to technical specialist. She’ll find answers to all your questions in her own personal “Bible”: the spare parts catalogue.

  • Enzo


    The youngest member of our team is our hire specialist. He’ll help you pick the routes and bikes to suit your needs. He’s equally comfortable with slick or studded tyres and is one of our most versatile instructors.

  • Christine


    She’ll offer you the advice you need. This always-smiling and ever-energetic utility rider loves getting away from it all on long-distance MTB routes across the Cévennes or out on the picturesque roads of the Ardéchoise.

  • Nico


    An experienced mechanic who’ll take the time to hear you out and find the answer to your issues.

  • Rémi


    A passionate mechanic and technical expert who sees every mechanical as a personal challenge.

  • Romain


    The team’s latest recruit is an e-bike setup specialist, but that doesn’t stop him throwing himself into every repair job, even on a Commencal.


  • Martial


    Our general manager is also a multi-disciplinary cycle guide and instructor, especially in the advanced technical skills and training fields.
    He’s an enduro specialist with a road-racing past, as well as a versatile instructor and one of the team’s technical experts you can turn to for sound mechanical advice.

  • Edmond


    One of the founders of both Cycles Amc7 and the Ardèche-vélo brand. He’s a bike guide and instructor and also one of the main creative minds behind Ardèche-vélo’s routes and tours. He’s always available to offer advice to the registered cycle school instructors and puts his teaching skills to good use as a speaker and associate trainer at the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Sports Resources, Expertise & Performance Centre

  • Enzo


    When he’s not in the workshop or store whipping the hire bike fleet back into shape for the next day’s adventures, Enzo is a multi-disciplinary bike guide and instructor. He recently completed his advanced technical skills & training course and is one of our enduro specialists. He’s always at the ready to advise you on the very best routes and can tell you all about the finest hidden spots in the Ardèche.

  • Manuel


    Chair of the registered cycle school (home to all our instructors), “Manu”, as he’s known, is a multi-disciplinary bike guide and instructor. He’s equally comfortable as guide or designer, and he’s the one to ask about organising tours or planning custom routes. He played a key part in growing our business by developing rides and tours.

  • Patrick


    Pat, as he’s known, manages and supervises Ardèche-vélo’s bike business, but also works with youngsters at local MTB clubs. His in-depth knowledge of the area naturally saw him specialise as an instructor, whether for gentle two-wheeled wanders along the banks of the Chassezac or more physically-demanding rides down the gorges of the River Ardèche.

  • Elsa


    The cycle school’s only female instructor is a symbol of women’s passion for each and every MTB discipline. She looks after bike events with youngsters from local clubs and helps to supervise summer holiday rides, multi-day rides, and business seminars at both Ardèche Vélo and the registered cycle school.

  • Sébastien


    As soon as the alpine skiing season is done and dusted, “Seb” is ready and raring to get back on the bike. He’s involved in everything from organising events to helping out on the big day itself and is always on the go, always talking, repairing, cleaning, riding, singing, until the very last mouthful of the evening meal and it’s time to hit the hay…

  • Simon


    This outdoor sports instructor and long-distance cycling afficionado has fully committed to the world of bikes as an e-bike guide. Simon is also our “product manager”, handling communication, web marketing and partner relations. His passion for project management saw him help local authorities set up and develop a number of nearby sites and bike routes.