Bike rides for everyone

Our team of instructors are here to help you and your friends & family to explore the Ardèche region.

  • Wine tourism at Le Mas du Terme

    Wine tourism at Le Mas du Terme

    BARJAC – E-BIKE EXPLORATION – From the Gard to the Ardèche, e-bike ride setting off from Le Mas du Terme hotel. Fields of lavender, vines and...


  • The beautiful village of Banne

    The beautiful village of Banne

    BERRIAS – E-BIKE EXPLORATION – Head off to discover the beautiful landscapes and heritage of the Southern Ardèche and enjoy a wine-tasting...


  • Junior MTB course

    Junior MTB course

    BERRIAS – JUNIOR MTB COURSE Fancy becoming an all-round MTB rider, making technical progress AND having fun? Check out our Biker® course. Spread...


  • Guide / instructor - custom activity

    Guide / instructor - custom activity

    CUSTOM ACTIVITY WITH INSTRUCTOR Need an instructor to work on your MTB technique or a guide to explore the Ardèche region? Either way, Ardèche...


  • Bois de Païolive

    Bois de Païolive

    BERRIAS – MTB EXPLORATION RIDE – The woodlands of the Bois de Païolive are home to numerous hidden natural wonders and heritage to explore as...


  • Family bike ride

    Family bike ride

    BERRIAS – FAMILY RIDE – Head off together to explore the natural habitat and follow in the “footsteps” of the local wildlife. A fun ride for...


  • Foothills of the Cévennes

    Foothills of the Cévennes

    BERRIAS – CHALLENGING RIDE – Explore the remains of the Doulovy valley coal mines by MTB. Head down tracks dotted with remarkable engineering...


  • Ardèche Mountains

    Ardèche Mountains

    MONTSELGUES – CHALLENGING RIDE – Explore the famous “descent from the Ardèche Mountains” across the ever-changing terrain of the Ardèche...


  • Ardèche River Gorges

    Ardèche River Gorges

    VALLON PONT D’ARC – CHALLENGING RIDE – Our destination for this full-day ride? The Ardèche River Gorges nature reserve. As you emerge from...


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